The Run to Remember L.A. Uniform Challenge is open to law enforcement officers, active and retired. Officers will run in full duty uniform for 13.1 miles.

Participants will have the honor of carrying a blue line flag (provided) in honor on one of the 125 fallen officers in the United States in 2017.

Firefighters can also join this challenge, in their respective uniform, to honor the 93 fallen fire fighters in 2017. Firefighters will be carrying a red line flag for this challenge.

The flags will be presented to the families of the fallen later in 2018.   

             Requirements for Law Enforcement     Requirements for Firefighters

             - Uniform                - Turnouts

             - Ballistic Vest              - Belt

             - Duty Belt                  - Black footwear

             - Black footwear             - Helmet optional

This is a difficult challenge!  You should be training in duty gear prior to the race.  You should be able to run a half-marathon in regular clothes in about 2 hours.  We will be running as a group at about an 11 minute per mile pace.  

We need at least 125 law enforcement officers and at least 93 firefighters for the challenge.  You will have the privilege and honor of carrying a blue line or red line flag (provided) with the name of a fallen brother or sister.  That flag will be given to the family of the fallen with the message that the flag was carried in honor of their loved one.

Run to Remember LA is a 10K and Half Marathon race that pays tribute to First Responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Run To Remember honors the past by raising funds to serve families of those who have fallen. It honors the future by raising funds to enable first responders to best serve their citizens and communities. By directing funds to its partner charities, the race supports a variety of community programs such as police mentorships, education and scholarships for youth, equipment for local police and fire departments, at-risk-youth programs and veteran support.